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Friday, 04 February 2011 19:01

Sights & Activities for Families and Groups

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 Enjoy your holidays in Pelion with your family or your friends

Flamingo Hotel in Pelion has got a big two-room apartment for 4 people as well as studio apartments that can accommodate up to 4 people. That way it is the best choice for those who want to spend their Holidays in Pelion together.

The families and groups will have the opportunity to spend quite a few hours together, to get closer to the civilization, the history, the tradition and the nature of the region, and entertain themselves with the local customs and traditions, the various events and the summer bars. The more active members of the company can participate in the athletic activities taking place in our region, such as beach soccer, beach volley and canoe kayak or even enjoy a ride with our speed cruiser to the various beaches nearby.

The visitors can address to us for directions and we can provide them with useful details, as well as with the particular event tickets on some occasions.


Things to do when you’re a family:

Visit the school of Regas Fereos

check   Visit the laboratory of production of local sweets of the Local Feminine Cooperative

check   Visit the laboratory of production of local pasta

check   Watch the events of the Cultural Summer and the Pelion Festival

check   Visit the Library

check   Go Hiking

check   Go Cycling

check   Do Sports

check   Go on Cruises

check   Do some extra activities in the Park of the Argonauts

check   Get acquainted with the traditional recipes, in Greek taverns and restaurants

Things to do when you’re a group:

check   Go on Cruises

check   Go Off Road Jeep Touring

check   Go Mountain Bike Cycling

check   Take part in the Sport Summer

check   Do various activities in the Park of the Argonauts, such as Sailing, Wind surfing, Canoe- Kayak, Sea Fun Park, Water Power Sports

check   Try Water Sports

check   Try Canoe-Kayak

check   Enjoy a camp fire on the beach

check   Go Scuba Diving

check   Go Horse Riding



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Sunday, 20 February 2011 14:53

Sights & Activities for Couples

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Pelion is a romantic place. According to the Greek Mythology our region in Pelion is where the marriage between Pileas and Thetis took place as well as that of the King of Lapaths, Perithos, with the beautiful Ippodamea, according to Homer, Pindarus and Euripides.

The first beauty contest between the beautiful goddesses Ira, Athena and Aphrodite also took place here.

In Horefto, nowadays, couples can have a wonderful holidays in Pelion under a unique atmosphere, while gazing at the moon from the beach and at the same time enjoying a romantic dinner by the sea or going on a cruise to the Pelion beaches where Pileas fell in love with Thetis.

After a full day devoted to the exploration of Pelion, our guests may still feel at home, since they can find anything they might need in our apartments.

Our personnel is there to help you with everything you need (e.g. a romantic atmosphere accompanied with champagne and flowers, the name of the restaurant etc) and give you information about our region and the things you can do here.


Things to do when you’re a Couple:

check   Gaze the moon or the full moon from the sand

check   Have a meal by the sound of the sea

check   Go on a cruise

check   Visit the museums

check   Have a good time at the bars in Horefto

check   Participate in Dj events and parties at nearby beaches



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Friday, 04 February 2011 19:02

Sights & Activities for Mature Couples

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Pelion, the destination chosen to be revisited by the “traveled” and, therefore, experienced tourists.

Pelion is a unique combination of tradition and history, of sea and mountain. The visitor is given the opportunity to make his own choices, such as visit places of historical interest, admire unique monuments, wander in the countryside or even visit a farm to have a close look to the cultivation and gathering of its products.

Our hotel apartments -fully equipped, spacious and furnished-will be the place you will go for a rest after a long and at the same time interesting day.


Some of the activities available for you to do here are:

check   Visit the Local Sights

check   The Pelion Festival

check   The Pelion Train

check   Go on Cruises

check   Visit the local Churches

check   Admire the Traditional Mansions

check   Get to know the Herbs of Pelion

check   Go for a walk in the Mountain

check   Agro-tourism

check   Go on Cultural Excursions

check   Cook Traditional Recipes



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Friday, 04 February 2011 19:02

Horefto Zagora Sights

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By staying at our Hotel in Horefto you may spend your free time doing some of the following activities:

You can visit:

check   The Concealed School of Regas Fereos

check   The square of Agios Georgios with the Age-long Plane Trees

check   The churches of Agios Georgios, of Agia Kyriaki, of Agia Paraskevi and of Metamorphosi tou Sotiros (metamorphosis of the Savior)

check   The laboratory of production of sweets of the Local Feminine Cooperative

check   The laboratory of production of Pasta

check   The Library

check   The events of the Cultural Summer and the Pelion Festival

check   The Apple Refrigerators

check   The old church of Agios Nikolaos, built on the ruins of the ancient temple, and the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Horefto

check   The local festival of Horefto on the 29th of August

check   The bazaar of the Association of Professionals of the municipality of Zagora in Horefto

check   The Nautical night in Horefto

check   With your own vessel from Horefto or by going on a cruise, the area of Palia Mitzela with the vast sea-caves, where the fleet of the Persian king Xerxes was destroyed (480 B.C.)

check   According to the Greek Mythology Nereid Thetida fell in love with Pileas there.

Our region makes the ideal choice for your summer holidays in Pelion.

Our region makes the ideal choice for your summer holidays in Pelion. Starting from Horefto, you can visit all the beaches in Pelion and visit all the sights and natural beauty that Pelion can offer you as well.

Friday, 04 February 2011 19:02

Pelion Villages Sights

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While in Pelion you can visit:

check   The temple of Agia Marina in Kissos

check   The squares, the church of Panagia Megalomata and the church of Agia Paraskevi in Tsagarada

check   The Pelion Train Station, the temple of Pammegistoi Taxiarches, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Folklore Museum and the Library in Milies

check   The monastery of Taxiarches in Agios Georgios of Nileia

check   The monastery of Agia Triada in Ano Gatzea

check   The Kontos Mansion in Ano Lehonia

check   The Topalis Mansion, the folklore museum of popular art, the church of Panagia, the church of Agios Ioannis in Makrinitsa

check   The museum of chaplets in Portaria

check   The ski centre in Chania

check   The Aggelini museum in Chorto

Enjoy the traditional mansions all over Pelion!


Starting from our hotel in Horefto , you can visit all the beaches in Pelion and enjoy all the sights and natural beauty that our region can offer you.

Our hotel’s personnel will guide you in the best way possible and provide you with any kind of extra information you might need!

Friday, 04 February 2011 19:02

Pelion Train

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While being on holiday in Pelion, one must not omit going on a ride with the Pelion Train, the well-known Moutzouris!

The Pelion Train was constructed in two stages from 1894 to 1903 by the Italian civil engineer Evaristo De Chirico, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico.

The train had been a point of reference in the wider region for 80 years, as it offered important services to the development of East Pelion, by transferring people and merchandise, from Volos to Milies.

Today, after 25 years of immobility, the Pelion Train still follows the same route!

Starting from Lehonia, it mounts, whistling like old times and passing through the traditional villages of Ano Gatzea where it makes a quick stop, Agia Triada, Agio Athanasio of Pinakates, Argyreika, till terminating in Milies.

In Milies you can watch the manually-operated inversion of the direction of the locomotive, heading towards Lehonia on its way back.

While being on this wonderful ride on the Pelion Train you will be able to enjoy: the unique in Europe masterpieces of De Chirico (6 stone bridges with two arcs, three arcs, four arcs, a stone bridge with five arcs and one made of metal), stone bridges with arches, innumerable green sceneries, a smooth passing from dream to reality in total harmony with the rich natural environment of Pelion. Additionally, the old train stations present great Architectural interest and the train tracks (preserved in excellent condition until today) are considered unique in Greece.

When you reach Milies, the temple of Pammegistoi Taxiarches is definitely worth paying a visit due to its significant history, since, among others, it is the original place where Anthimos Gazis raised the flag of revolution against the Turkish Possession, on May 7th 1821. You should also visit the Library of “Psychis Akos”, where the historical flag, as well as unique manuscripts of centuries, books and rare documents from the period of Ottoman domination are kept up until today. Finally, don’t miss out visiting the Folklore museum.

Through the paths of the mountain in Milies you may pass to Vizitsa, Pinakates, Ai-Giorgi and visit the old mansions, the churches, the chapels and the numerous monasteries, all of them taking you back to those old times.

Routes start in April and the season ends in October. This specific way is suitable for hiking, as well. It is also worth being noted that that there is the possibility of the whole train being rented by associations, tourist groups or even anyone interested.

The route of the Pelion Train endures 90 minutes, with a 15 minute stop in Ano Gatzea and in Milies with an average speed of 20-25 km/h.

Flamingo Hotel is one of the Pelion Hotels that can help you with anything else you might need, as far as the Pelion Train is concerned.


INFORMATION: Tel: (+30) 24210 39723

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:35

Traditional Wedding in Pelion

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Not far from our hotel, during the “Cultural Summer” of municipality of Zagora, in the summer of 2010, the Women’s Feminine Association and the Municipality of Zagora successfully organized the Revival of the Traditional Wedding in Pelion.

It is about the revival of the traditional way that the weddings in Pelion took place..

Firstly, the wedding dress was made, in other terms the traditional costume, consisting of the Skirt, the “Trahilia”, the “Kontogouni”, the Belt and the “Mafesi”.

Then the “Mpratimia”, the friends of the groom and bride, invited the people to the event, while the friends and relatives of the couple dealt with the summoning of the dowry.

The Mpratimia also went to the bride’s house and blended the yeast from which the traditional loop was made. With the same flour, they covered the groom and bride, so that they grow old and become “white” together.

On Friday, the “keratzides”, aka the mule drivers, rode their decorated horses and transferred the dowry to the central square of the village, where the “cutting” of the wedding dress took place.

On Sunday, they shaved the groom by the sound of the traditional “patinada” of Pelion and the rifles. Then, they got him dressed and they started dancing outside his house, while the “mpratimia” treated the people. Afterwards, they headed towards the house of the bride through the central streets of the village while dancing and singing. The groom treated the friends of the bride, met the bride and then they started dancing. Then, they headed to the church together and after the ceremony there was the wedding party where the traditional revelry took place.

Thursday, 24 November 2011 15:04

Apple Fest

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In terms of the Cultural Events of the Municipality of Zagora-Mouresi, under the aegis of Municipality of Zagora and the Zagorin Apples Association, the Apple Fest took place on 9th and 10th September 2011.

During the fest, visitors are given the opportunity to taste some of the local specialties using apples as their basis, as well as take free Zagorin apples of all varieties.>/p>

The institution is a revival of an old traditional event that used to take place in Zagora, attracting hundreds of visitors.

Nowadays visitors of the region can once again take part in the event and get to know everything about the apple, its history and its recipes.

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