April – May – June in Pelion

Have a dreamy holiday in May and June in Pelion just 20 m away from the sea by staying at the Flamingo Hotel.


April, May and June are probably two of the best months that visitors may choose for their vacation in Pelion and the beautiful beach of Horefto.

The mountain is full of blooming flowers and vivid colors, the sea is deep blue and serene, ready to welcome every visitor and offer them endless times of relaxation and swim along with unique cruises in every beach in Pelion.

Because of the good weather and the mild temperatures Mount Pelion may come forward for easy or more difficult hiking in May and June and visitors may pleasantly walk through it enjoying the company of the blooming flowers and the clean paths.

During April, May and June Flamingo hotel has many offers and special prices for its visitors.

We offer you free services, low transfer prices from and to the airport, organized walks – hiking , cruises to the mythical caves, jeep touring, etc.

We also offer appealing prices for activities dealing with the knowledge of nature, of culture, of everyday life in the village and of the general life in Pelion.

Once you decide to visit us during April, May or June we can make sure that you are one of our pleased guests that choose to come to us every summer for their holiday!

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